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Baldwin Air Filters

Baldwin Fuel Filters / Air Filters / Oil Filters / Hydraulic Filters 

Baldwin Filters

Protect your equipment with heavy-duty Baldwin filters. When it comes to coverage, Baldwin Filters provides the widest range of heavy-duty lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and transmission filters in the industry. Baldwin consistently manufactures filters designed to meet or exceed the quality, performance and supply requirements original equipment and aftermarket customers.

Dirty oil can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. By using the proper lube filter for your engine, you can minimize the possibility of costly downtime and repairs. Baldwin Filters has been making lube filters for over seventy years. With more than 650 lube filters for heavy-duty and automotive applications, Baldwin has the coverage and quality you demand.


Baldwin Filters are renowned for providing an extensive catalogue of filtration products. Baldwin place their focus on providing high quality products.

We specialize in filtration. We help you find the best fit for your requirements. We are proud to be an stocking distributor of Baldwin filtration products. With industry-leading filters from Baldwin plus other complementary lines you can’t go wrong with Starfound Industrial as your one-stop supplier for your filter needs.

We offer a range of Baldwin filtration options at filter services, whether you’re looking for an air filter, a fuel filter or any other type of filter.

Baldwin Oil Filter: B279 / B301 / B378 / B5145 / B7010 / B7409 / B2 / B4 / B7 / B9

Baldwin Coolant Filter: BW5200  

Baldwin Fuel Filter BF1102 / BF1212 / BF1370 / BF7558 / BF784

Baldwin Filter Kit: BK76700

Baldwin Air Filter: PA1670 / PA2070 

BF1259                     PA2648                     PA4413
BF1261                     PA2649                     PA4414
BF1262                     PA2650                     PA4415
BF1265                     PA2651                     PA4416 KIT
BF1266                     PA2652                     PA4417
BF1267                     PA2653                     PA4418
BF1268                     PA2653 FOAM         PA4419
BF1269                     PA2654                     PA4420
BF1270-SP               PA2655                     PA4421
BF1271                     PA2656                     PA4422
BF1272-SPS            PA2657-FN               PA4423
BF1273-SP               PA2658                     PA4424
BF1274-SP               PA2659                     PA4425
BF1274-SPS            PA2660                     PA4426
BF1275                     LL2661                      PA4427
BF1276                     PA2661                     PA4428
BF1277-SP               PA2662                     PA4429
BF1277-SPS            PA2663-FN               PA4430
BF1278                     PA2664                     PA4431
BF1279                     PA2665                     PA4433
BF1280                     PA2666                     PA4434
BF1281                     LL2667                      PA4435
BF1282                     PA2667                     PA4436
BF1283                     PA2668                     PA4437
BF1283-SP               PA2669-FN              PA4438
BF1285-SP               PA2670                     PA4439
BF1286                     PA2672                     PA4440 KIT
BF1287-O                PA2673                     PA4441
BF1288-O                PA2674                     PA4442
BF1289-SP               PA2675                     PA4443
BF1290-O                LL2676                      PA4444
PF1291                     PA2676                     RS4445
BF1292-O                PA2676XP                PA4446
BF1293-SPS            PA2677                     PA4447
BF1294-O                PA2678                     PA4448
BF1295-O                PA2679                     PA4449
BF1296-O                PA2680                     RS4450
BF1297-O                PA2684-FN              PA4451
BF1298-O                LL2685                      PA4452
BF1299-O                PA2687                     PA4453
FB1301                     LL2688                      PA4454
FB1302                     PA2688                     PA4455
OB1303                    PA2689                     PA4456
FK1304                     PA2690                     PA4458
OB1305                    PA2691                     PA4460 KIT
FB1306                     PA2692                     PA4461
FB1307                     PA2693                     PA4462
OB1308                    PA2694                     PA4463
FB1309                     PA2695                     PA4464
FB1310                     PA2696                     PA4465
FB1311                     PA2698                     PA4466
OB1313                    PA2699                     PA4467
OB1314                    PA2700                     PA4468
OB1315                    PA2701                     PA4469
OB1316                    PA2702                     PA4470
OB1317                    PA2703                     PA4471
OB1318                    PA2704                     PA4473
OB1319                    PA2705                     PA4474
OB1320                    PA2706                     PA4548
VG1325                    PA2707                     RS4549
PG1326                     PA2708                     PA4551
BF1329                     PA2709                     PA4552
BF1329-O                PA2710                     PA4553
BF1329-SP               PA2711                     PA4554
BF1330-SP               PA2712                     PA4555
BF1339-SP               PA2713                     PA4556
BF1345                     PA2714                     PA4557
BF1345-O                PA2715                     PA4559
BF1345-SP               PA2716                     PA4560
BF1346                     PA2717                     RS4561
BF1346-O                PA2718                     RS4562
BF1346-SP               PA2719                     RS4563
BF1347                     PA2721                     RS4564
BF1348                     PA2722                     PA4566
BF1348-O                PA2723                     PA4567
BF1348-SP               PA2724                     PA4570
BF1349                     PA2725                     PA4571
BF1350-SP               PA2726                     RS4572
BF1351-SP               PA2727                     PA4573
BF1352-SPS            PA2728                     PA4574
BF1353-SPS            PA2729                     RS4576
BF1354-SPS            PA2730                     RS4577
BF1355                     PA2731                     RS4578
BF1355-O                PA2732                     RS4579
BF1355-SP               PA2733                     RS4580
BF1356                     PA2734                     PA4581
BF1357                     PA2735                     PA4582
BF1358-O                PA2736                     PA4583-FN
BF1358-SP               PA2737                     PA4585
BF1359-SP               PA2738                     PA4592
BF1360                     PA2739                     PA4593
BF1360-SP               PA2740                     PA4594
BF1361                     PA2742                     RS4595
BF1362                     PA2743                     RS4597
BF1363                     PA2744                     RS4598
BF1365                     PA2745                     RS4599
BF1366-O                PA2746                     PA4600
BF1367                     PA2747                     PA4601
OB1368                    PA2748                     PA4602
OB1369                    PA2749                     PA4603
BF1370                     PA2750                     PA4604-FN
BF1371                     PA2751                     PA4605
BF1372                     PA2752                     PA4606
BF1373-SP               PA2753                     PA4607
BF1374-SP               PA2754                     PA4608
BF1375                     PA2755                     PA4610 KIT
BF1376                     PA2756                     PA4611
BF1377                     PA2757                     PA4612
BF1378-SPS            PA2759                     RS4613
BF1379                     PA2761                     PA4614
BF1380                     PA2763                     PA4615
BF1381                     PA2767                     RS4616
BF1382-SP               PA2771                     RS4617
BF1383-O                PA2772                     RS4618
BF1384-SP               PA2773                     PA4619
BF1385-SPS            PA2774                     RS4620
BF1386-O                PA2775                     RS4621
BF1387-O                PA2776                     RS4622
BF1388-O                PA2777                     RS4623
BF1389-O                PA2778-FN              PA4624
BF1390-O                LL2779                      PA4625
BF1391-O                PA2779                     PA4626
BF1392-SPS KIT     PA2781                     PA4627
PF1392                     PA2782                     PA4628
BF1393-SP               LL2783                      RS4629
BF1394-SP               PA2783                     PA4630
BF1395-O                PA2784                     PA4631-FN
BF1395-SP               PA2785                     PA4632
BF1396                     PA2786                     PA4633
BF1397-SP               PA2787                     RS4634
BF1398-O                PA2788                     PA4635
BF1399-SP               PA2789                     RS4636
B1400                        PA2790-FN              RS4637
B1402                        PA2791                     RS4638
BD1403                     PA2792                     RS4639
B1405                        PA2793                     PA4640-FN
B1406                        PA2794                     PA4641
B1407                        PA2796                     RS4642
B1410                        PA2797                     RS4643
B1413                        PA2798                     PA4644
B1416                        PA2799                     PA4645-FN
P1418                        PA2800-FN              RS4646
P1419                        PA2801                     PA4647
B1421                        PA2803                     PA4648
B1422                        PA2804                     PA4649
B1425                        PA2805                     PA4650-FN
B1428                        PA2806                     PA4651
B1429                        PA2807                     PA4652
B1430                        PA2812                     PA4653
B1431                        PA2813                     PA4654 KIT
B1432                        PA2814                     PA4655
P1433                        PA2815                     PA4656
B1434                        PA2816                     PA4657
B1435                        PA2817                     PA4658
B1438                        PA2818                     PA4659
P1440                        PA2819                     PA4660
B1441                        PA2820                     PA4661
P1443                        PA2821                     PA4662
B1444                        PA2822                     PA4663
P1445                        PA2823                     PA4664
B1446                        PA2824                     PA4665-FN
B1447                        PA2825                     PA4666
P1510                        PA2826                     PA4668
P1511                        PA2827                     PA4669
V1520-R                   PA2828                     RS4672
V1542-C                   PA2829                     RS4673
V1544-T                   PA2830                     PA4674-FN
V1560                       PA2831                     RS4676
P1561                        PA2832                     RS4677
P1562                        PA2833                     RS4678
P1563                        PA2834                     RS4679
P1565                        PA2835                     RS4680
P1566                        PA2836                     PA4681
P1567                        PA2837                     PA4682
P1568                        PA2838                     PA4683
P1575                        PA2839                     PA4684
P1576                        PA2840                     PA4685
P1577                        PA2843                     PA4688
P1578                        PA2844                     PA4688 FOAM
P1579                        PA2845                     PA4689
PF1584                     PA2846-FN              PA4692
PF1585                     PA2847                     PA4693
PF1587                     PA2848                     PA4694
PF1589                     PA2849                     PA4695
PA1600                     PA2851                     PA4696 FOAM
PA1602                     PA2852                     PA4697-FN
PA1603                     PA2853                     PA4698
PA1606                     PA2854                     CA4700
PA1607                     PA2855                     PA4701
LL1608                      PA2856                     CA4702
PA1608                     PA2857                     CA4703
PA1609                     PA2858                     PA4704
PA1610                     PA2859-FN              PA4705
PA1613                     PA2860-FN              PA4706
PA1613-S                 PA2861                     PA4707
LL1614                      PA2862                     PA4708
PA1614                     PA2862 FOAM      PA4709
LL1615                      RS2863                     PA4710
PA1615                     RS2863XP                PA4711
PA1615XP                PA2865                     PA4713
PA1618                     PA2866                     PA4714
PA1619                     PA2867-FN              PA4715
PA1620                     PA2869                     PA4716
PA1620-S                 PA2870-FN              PA4720
LL1621-2                  PA2871                     PA4723
PA1621                     PA2873                     PA4725
PA1621-2                 PA2874                     PA4727
PA1621-S                 PA2875                     PA4729
PA1625                     PA2876                     PA4730
LL1626-2                  PA2877-FN              PA4731
PA1626                     PA2878                     PA4732
PA1626-2                 PA2880                     PA4733
PA1627                     PA2881                     PA4734
PA1629-S                 PA2882                     PA4735
LL1630-2                  PA2883                     PA4736 FOAM
PA1630                     PA2884                     PA4737
PA1630-2                 PA2885                     PA4738
PA1631-S                 PA2887-FN              PA4740
PA1632                     PA2888                     PA4741
PA1633                     PA2889                     PA4743
LL1634                      PA2890                     PA4750
PA1634                     PA2891                     PA4753
PA1634XP                PA2895                     PA4754
PA1635                     PA2896                     PA4755
LL1636-FN               PA2897                     PA4756
PA1636-FN              PA2899                     PA4757
LL1637-FN               PA2900                     PA4758
PA1637-FN              PA2902                     PA4760
PA1639                    PA2903                     PA4763
PA1641                    PA2904                     PA4764
BT8874-MPG     B5088 

We supply Baldwin Fuel Filters / Air Filters / Oil Filters / Hydraulic Filters / Filter Elements to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)MALAYSIA 
JOHOR Johor Bahru Kluang Kota Tinggi Mersing Muar Pontian Segamat Kulaijaya Ledang Batu Pahat KEDAH Baling Bandar Baharu Kota Setar Kuala Muda Kubang Pasu Kulim Pulau Langkawi Padang Terap Pendang Pokok Sena Sik Yan KELANTAN Bachok Gua Musang Jeli Kota Bahru Kuala Krai Machang Pasir Mas Pasir Puteh Tanah Merah Tumpat MALACCA Alor Gajah Melaka Tengah Malacca Jasin Batu Berendam Bertam NEGERI SEMBILAN Jelebu Jempol Kuala Pilah Port Dickson Rembau Seremban Tampin Lukut PAHANG Bentong Bera Cameron Highlands Jerantut Kuantan Lipis Maran Pekan Raub Rompin Temerloh PENANG North-East Penang Island South-West Penang North Seberang Perai Central Seberang Perai South Seberang Perai PERAK Batang Padang Hilir Perak Hulu Perak Kerian  Kinta Kuala Kangsar Larut, Matang Selama Manjung Perak Tengah Kampar Perlis SELANGOR Gombak Hulu Langat Hulu Selangor Klang Shah Alam Puchong Kuala Langat Kajang Rawang Kuala Selangor Petaling Jaya Sabak Bernam Sepang TERENGGANU Besut Dungun Hulu Terengganu Kemaman Kuala Terengganu Maran  Setiu  uala Nerus Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR Bukit Bintang Bandar Tun Razak Cheras Setiawangsa Kepong Lembah Pantai Batu Seputeh Segambut Titiwangsa Wangsa Maju PUTRAJAYA SABAH Beaufort Keningau Kuala Penyu Nabawa Sipitang Tambunan Tenom Kota Marudu Kudat Pitas Beluran Kinabatangan Sandakan Tongod Kunak Lahad Datu Semporna Tawau Kota Belud Kota Kinabalu Papar Penampang Putatan Ranau Tuaran SARAWAK Betong Saratok Bintulu Tatau Belaga Kapit Song Bau Kuching Lundu Lawas Limbang Marudi Miri Dalat Daro Matu Mukah Asajaya Samarahan Simunjan Julau Meradong Sarikei Pakan Siburan Tebedu Kanowit Sibu Selangau Lubok Antu Sri Aman Federal Territory LABUAN

Baldwin Air Filter PA2580


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