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Fleetguard Fuel Filters / Air Filters / Oil Filters / Hydraulic Filters

Fleetguard / Cummins Filters


With the increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, Cummins Filtration / Fleetguard fuel filtration products provide crucial protection to the components of diesel engine fuel systems towards achieving optimum performance and reliability. Fleetguard, now known as Cummins Filtration, a leader in filtration - designs and manufactures filtration products and exhaust systems for heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. As an industry leader in quality certifications and recognitions, Fleetguard - a member of the Cummins Filtration family of brands - is constantly focused on improving their products. The result - superior quality, high-performance and high capacity filters and filtration products.


From fuel filters and oil filters to transmission and air filters, Cummins Filtration's product lines cover a wide variety of applications and markets. 

Cummins and Fleetguard filters are of premium quality and widely used on marine vessels, generators, compressors, machineries, trucks, excavators, buses, engines, as well as various machines. Our company works closely with worldwide fleetguard / cummins filtration distributor and dealers on supply of high quality and genuine filters. 

We can offer genuine Cummins and Fleetguard filter and parts as well as offering fleetguard cross reference filter. Upon request, we can offer equivalent filters of other brands like Donaldson, Baldwin, Caterpillar, Wix and Filter Pioneer. 

Range of fleetguard filters include oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic filter, diesel filter, air filter housing, water filter, coolant filter, exhaust filter, filter insert and so on. Some of the commonly supplied models of fleetguard filters are water filter WF2075 / WF2071/ WF2127 / WF2126 / WF2122, oil filter LF3000 / LF670 / LF777 / LF16015 / LF16035 / LF3349 / LF3970 / LF9009 / LF17509 / LF550, air filter AF2608 / AF2607 / AF26119 / AF25278 / AF254M / AF25139M / AF27684, hydraulic filter HF6710 / HF6056 / HF6610 / HF6713 / HF3345 / HF28945.

LH100 Q53085 Q53087 Q58031 Q58403 Q59267 Q62520 Q79058 RN24000 RN24001 RN24002 RN24003 RN24004 RN24005 RN24006 RN24007 RN24011 RN24012 RN24014 RN24015 RN24016 RN24017 RN24020 RN24026 RN24027 RN24028 RN24029 RN24030 RN24031 RN24032 RN24033 RN24034 RN24035 RN24036 RN24037 RN24038 RN24039 RN24040 RN24041 RN24042 RN24044 RN24045 RN24046 RN24048 RN24049 SP1002 SP1004 SP1013 SP1014 SP1015 SP1019 SP1020 SP1025 SP1048 SP1053 SP1056 SP1059 SP1060 SP1066 SP1067 SP1068 SP1069 SP1071 SP1073 SP1076 SP1165 SP1167 SP1187 SP1244 SP1245 SP1246 SP1247 SP1327

AF1602M FF101 FS1000 HF28658 LF16002 WF2015 AF1976 HF6341 AF25888
AF1604 FF102 FS1001 HF28783 LF16006 WF2022 AF1978 HF6342 AF25889
AF1605M FF103 FS1003 HF28793 LF16011 WF2051 AF1979 HF6343 AF25890
AF1606KM FF104 FS1006 HF28794 LF16015 WF2053 AF1980 HF6344 AF25894
AF1608M FF105 FS1007 HF28803 LF16023 WF2056 AF1982 HF6348 AF25895
AF1609 FF105D FS1008 HF28804 LF16029 WF2060 AF1987 HF6349 AF25896
AF1611M FF106 FS1009 HF28805 LF16031 WF2067 AF250 HF6350 AF25897
AF1612M FF107 FS1010 HF28810 LF16034 WF2069 AF25002M HF6351 AF259
AF1614 FF108 FS1011 HF28811 LF16035 WF2070 AF25006K HF6352 AF25904
AF1615 FF109 FS1013 HF28812 LF16043 WF2071 AF25007 HF6354 AF25910
AF1616M FF110 FS1015 HF28813 LF16046 WF2072 AF25008 HF6356 AF25911
AF1622 FF111 FS1015B HF28818 LF16050 WF2073 AF25009 HF6357 AF25953
AF1623 FF112 FS1021 HF28833 LF16101 WF2074 AF25027K HF6358 AF25957
AF1631 FF114 FS1022 HF28835 LF16102 WF2075 AF25029 HF6359 AF25958K
AF1632 FF116 FS1023 HF28836 LF16103 WF2076 AF25031 HF6360 AF25960
AF1633 FF117 FS1029 HF28848 LF16106 WF2077 AF25033M HF6361 AF25961
AF1635 FF118 FS1029W HF28850 LF16108 WF2078 AF25041 HF6365 AF25962
AF1636 FF122 FS1040 HF28853 LF16117 WF2079 AF25042K HF6366 AF25963
AF1637 FF124 FS1041 HF28857 LF16139 WF2081 AF25044M HF6369 AF25964
AF1638 FF125 FS1054 HF28858 LF16157 WF2084 AF25049 HF6376 AF25967
AF1639 FF126 FS1062 HF28859 LF16172 WF2087 AF25056K HF6387 AF25969
AF1640 FF127 FS1065 HF28864 LF16173 WF2096 AF25057 HF6388 AF260
AF1641 FF128 FS1201 HF28867 LF16226 WF2104 AF25062 HF6389 AF26106
AF1642 FF129 FS1202 HF28869 LF16228 WF2108 AF25063 HF6392 AF26114
AF1643 FF130 FS1203 HF28870 LF16242 WF2121 AF25064 HF6393 AF26116
AF1644 FF132 FS1204 HF28879 LF16243 WF2122 AF25065 HF6394 AF26119
AF1647M FF134 FS1205 HF28880 LF16250 WF2123 AF25066 HF6399 AF26124
AF1649 FF135 FS1206 HF28881 LF3000 WF2125 AF25067 HF6417 AF26125
AF1650 FF138 FS1207 HF28885 LF3304 WF2126 AF25070K HF6418 AF26140

Fleetguard LF16015 / LF3333 / FF5206 / FF5207 / AH8505 / HF35438 / LF9325 / AF25593
Fleetguard FS1281
Fleetguard HF6173
Fleetguard LF16015
Fleetguard LF691A
Fleetguard LF3000
Fleetguard FF105
Fleetguard LF17056
Fleetguard FS1201
Fleetguard LF3620
Fleetguard FF5206
Fleetguard FF214
Fleetguard LF16183
Fleetguard LF3566
Fleetguard FF5132
Fleetguard HF6351
Fleetguard Air Filter AF 872
Fleetguard Filter WF2076
Fleetguard Filter FS1216
Fleetguard Filter FF2203
Fleetguard Filter LF14000NN
Fleetguard Filter ST1889
Fleetguard Filter AH19002
Fleetguard Filter LF670
Fleetguard Filter LF3345
Fleetguard Filter LF670

Fleetguard Filter LF777
Fleetguard Filter WF2053
Fleetguard Filter FF5052
Fleetguard Filter WF2076
Fleetguard Filter LF777
Fleetguard Filter FS19728
Fleetguard Filter FF105
Fleetguard Filter LF3000
Fleetguard Filter FF105
Fleetguard Filter FF202
Fleetguard Filter FF42000
Fleetguard Filter FS1280
Fleetguard Filter FS1212
Fleetguard Filter FF211
Fleetguard Filter LF3493
Fleetguard Filter HF6111
Fleetguard Filter FF5206
Fleetguard Filter LF3620
Fleetguard Filter Head 142784 212013
Fleetguard Filter FF5207
Fleetguard Filter FS1280
Fleetguard Filter FF5137

Fleetguard Filter Header for FF105
Fleetguard Filter HF6561
Fleetguard Filter LF9009
Fleetguard Filter AF928M
Fleetguard Filter FF105D 
Fleetguard Filter LF4054
Fleetguard Filter FS1000
Fleetguard Filter FS36203
Fleetguard Filter AF25215
Fleetguard Filter AH19002
Fleetguard Filter AF25468
Fleetguard Filter WF2075 
Fleetguard Filter FF202 
Fleetguard Filter FF5156
Fleetguard Filter AF4878
Fleetguard Filter HF6560
Fleetguard Filter FS1280
Fleetguard Filter FF5638
Fleetguard Filter AF25354
Fleetguard Filter LF689
Fleetguard Filter LF3410
Fleetguard Filter LF701
Fleetguard Filter FS1280
Fleetguard Filter AF849
Fleetguard Filter LF9000
Fleetguard Filter LF699
Fleetguard Filter HF35488
Fleetguard Filter LF3410
Fleetguard Filter HF6062
Fleetguard Filter HF6137
Fleetguard Filter HF6002
Fleetguard Filter WF2123
Fleetguard Filter HF6138
Fleetguard Filter WF2123
Fleetguard Filter HF28836
Fleetguard Filter AF4060
Fleetguard Oil Filter LF16250
Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5714
Fleetguard Fuel FilterFF5713
Fleetguard Air FIlter AF26207
Fleetguard Air FIlter AF1894M
Fleetguard Air FIlter AF1828 
Fleetguard AF1759 
Fleetguard HF6266 
Fleetguard HF6265 
Fleetguard HF35454 
Fleetguard / Cummins Air Filter AF26044
Fleetguard / Cummins Air Filter AF1913 
Fleetguard Air Filter AF4050 
Fleetguard Air Filter AF6595
Fleetguard Air Filter AF26433
Fleetguard Air Filter AF25708M 
Fleetguard Air Filter AF26613 

Fleetguard AF409K 
Fleetguard AF421M 
Fleetguard AF26163M
Fleetguard Filter AF27975 
Fleetguard Filter AF25904 
Fleetguard Filter AF928M / 3021644
Fleetguad Air Filter AF872M / 30108042 
Fleetguard Filter AH1141
Fleetguard Filter AH1101 
Fleetguard Filter AH1100
Fleetguard Filter AF25812
Fleetguard Oil Filter LF3349 
Fleetguard Filter HF6177
Fleetguard Filter HF6337
Fleetguard Filter FF246
Fleetguard Filter FS1000
Fleetguard Filter FS19925
Fleetguard Filter FS19728
Fleetguard Filter FS20019
Fleetguard Filter FF105
Fleetguard Filter FF202
Fleetguard Filter FS1212
Fleetguard Filter FS1251
Fleetguard Filter FS1280
Fleetguard Filter WF2126
Fleetguard Filter WF2073
Fleetguard Filter WF2053
Fleetguard Air Filter AF1894M
Fleetguard Air Filter AF1828
Fleetguard LF512
Fleetguard LF9001 
Fleetguard WF2054 
Fleetguard WF2126 
Fleetguard HF6552 
Fleetguard HF6110 
Fleetguard HF6057
Fleetguard Filter HF6110 
Fleetguard FF5461

Fleetguard FS19811
Fleetguard LF551A
Fleetguard FS19821
Fleetguard LF4054
Fleetguard LF17488
Fleetguard LF3675 

Fleetguard AF1802 
Fleetguard AH1135 
Fleetguard LF3957
Fleetguard LF17475
Fleetguard HF35201
Fleetguard HF6610
Fleetguard Filter HF30760 
Fleteguard Filter AF25544 
Fleetguard Filter AF25545
Fleetguard HF30760
Fleetguard LF17524
Fleetguard  AH1101 
Fleetguard Filter LF17524

Fleetguard Bowl Kit 3957279S
Fleetguard LF9325 
Fleetguard LF14000NN
Fleetguard FS1216 
Fleetguard FF2203

Fleetguard AF25593 
Fleetguard AF25278
Fleetguard LF3959 
Fleetguard FF178 
Fleetguard FS1000
Fleetguard WF2067 
Fleetguard LF3345 
Fleetguard 3933711S  
Fleetguad Filter LF9080
Fleetguard AA90140
Fleetguard Filter FS19752

Fleetguard Filter AF25555 
Fleetguard Filter FS19989 
Fleetguard Filter AF25794 
Fleetguard Filter FF5323
Fleetguard Filter FF5018
Fleetguard Filter AF26120
Fleetguard Filter LF9009
Fleetguard Filter FF5021
Fleetguard Filter FF5415
Fleetguard Filter AH19004
Fleetguard Filter FS1251
Fleetguard Filter LF3000
Fleetguard Filter WF2073
Fleetguard Filter AH19077
Fleetguard Filter SFA1136H
Fleetguard Filter Element HF6529
Fleettguard Filter FF5297
Fleetguard Air Filter AF25830
Fleetguard Oil Filter LF16015 / 90031133 Kalmar
Fleetguard Filter LF9009 / Cummins 3401544
Fleetguard Filter FS36203
Fleetguard Filter HF35161
Fleetguard Filter FF5474

Fleetguard Filter LF4056 
Fleetguard Filter AS2451 

We supply Fleetguard Fuel Filters / Air Filters / Oil Filters / Hydraulic Filters to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)
JOHOR Johor Bahru Kluang Kota Tinggi Mersing Muar Pontian Segamat Kulaijaya Ledang Batu Pahat KEDAH Baling Bandar Baharu Kota Setar Kuala Muda Kubang Pasu Kulim Pulau Langkawi Padang Terap Pendang Pokok Sena Sik Yan KELANTAN Bachok Gua Musang Jeli Kota Bahru Kuala Krai Machang Pasir Mas Pasir Puteh Tanah Merah Tumpat MALACCA Alor Gajah Melaka Tengah Malacca Jasin Batu Berendam Bertam NEGERI SEMBILAN Jelebu Jempol Kuala Pilah Port Dickson Rembau Seremban Tampin Lukut PAHANG Bentong Bera Cameron Highlands Jerantut Kuantan Lipis Maran Pekan Raub Rompin Temerloh PENANG North-East Penang Island South-West Penang North Seberang Perai Central Seberang Perai South Seberang Perai PERAK Batang Padang Hilir Perak Hulu Perak Kerian  Kinta Kuala Kangsar Larut, Matang Selama Manjung Perak Tengah Kampar Perlis SELANGOR Gombak Hulu Langat Hulu Selangor Klang Shah Alam Puchong Kuala Langat Kajang Rawang Kuala Selangor Petaling Jaya Sabak Bernam Sepang TERENGGANU Besut Dungun Hulu Terengganu Kemaman Kuala Terengganu Maran  Setiu  uala Nerus Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR Bukit Bintang Bandar Tun Razak Cheras Setiawangsa Kepong Lembah Pantai Batu Seputeh Segambut Titiwangsa Wangsa Maju PUTRAJAYA SABAH Beaufort Keningau Kuala Penyu Nabawa Sipitang Tambunan Tenom Kota Marudu Kudat Pitas Beluran Kinabatangan Sandakan Tongod Kunak Lahad Datu Semporna Tawau Kota Belud Kota Kinabalu Papar Penampang Putatan Ranau Tuaran SARAWAK Betong Saratok Bintulu Tatau Belaga Kapit Song Bau Kuching Lundu Lawas Limbang Marudi Miri Dalat Daro Matu Mukah Asajaya Samarahan Simunjan Julau Meradong Sarikei Pakan Siburan Tebedu Kanowit Sibu Selangau Lubok Antu Sri Aman Federal Territory LABUAN
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Fleetguard Air Filter AF872 - Malaysia (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Melaka, Terengganu)

Fleetguard Air Housing, AH1194

Fleetguard Air Filter, AF1735K

Fleetguard Lube Filter, LF3349

Fleetguard Fuel Filter, FF5021

Fleetguard Lube Filter, LF3959

Fleetguard Coolant Filter, WF2076

Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF2203 - Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan, Kemaman, Penang, Kedah, Perlis)

Fleetguard Fuel Filter, FF42000

Fleetguard Lube Filter, LF9009

Fleetguard Air Filter, AF1811

Fleetguard Coolant Filter, WF2071

Fleetguard Fuel Filter, FF5415

Fleetguard Fuel Filter, FS1251

Fleetguard Air Housing, AH19004

Fleetguard Lube Filter, LF3000

Fleetguard Coolant Filter, WF2073

Fleetguard Air Housing, AH19077

Fleetguard Filter LF670 - Malaysia (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Sabah, Labuan, Sarawak)

Fleetguard Fuel Filter, FF5272

Fleetguard Filter LF3380

Fleetguard Filter WF2096 - Malaysia

Fleetguard Filter AF947 AF928M

Fleetguard Filter FF5327 (Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Kemaman, Labuan, Pasir Gudang)

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