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Donaldson Fuel Filter

Donaldson Fuel Filters

Donaldson Filters

Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Donaldson provide filters that serves customers in the industrial and diesel engine markets including in-plant air cleaning, compressed air and gas purification, power generation, disk drive filtration, off-road equipment and trucks. 

Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause serious engine damage. Donaldson fuel filters help keep your on-shore engines and equipment running smoothly. 

Donaldson air filters deliver superior protection for heavy-duty off-road and on-road equipment with a full line of premium filters. 

Applications of Donaldson includes engine emission solutions, air cleaners, air/oil separators, automotive air filtration, chillers, compressors, coolant system, dust collection, hydraulic systems, lube oil system, steam filtration, generators, turbine systems, replacement filters for engine and vehicles. 

Upon request, we can offer equivalent filters to Donaldson of other brands like Baldwin, Caterpillar, Wix, Perkins, Detroit, and Filter Pioneer. As a way of cost cutting, we provide options of cross reference and interchangeable filter offers. 

Range of donaldson filters include oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic filter, diesel filter, air filter housing, water filter, coolant filter, exhaust filter, filter insert, filter cover, filter cartridge / elements, filter kits and so on. Some of the commonly supplied models of donaldson filters are air filter P528216 / P181123 / P181126 / B085011 / , fuel filter PP551317 / P554056 / P554004 / P553004, Lube Oil Filter P555570 / P555680 / P554005 / P554004 / P557500 / P554136 / P551808 / P550117 / P550117 / P551670, Air ventilation panel P111098, hydraulic filter P556001 / P164594 / P162766.

P502094             P502095             P502096             P502097             P502098              E500667             E500692             E500699             E500825              E500900             K051475             K052039             K052046              K052047             K052048
P502099             P502100             P502101             P502102             P502103              E501015             E501027             E501042             E501054              E501068             K052051             K053026             K053085              K053105             K053106
P502104             P502105             P502106             P502107             P502108              E501100             E501338             E501822             E503003              E503182             K053123             K053125             K053126              K053127             K053132
P502109             P502110             P502111             P502112             P502113              E503997             E504615             E504650             E504653              E504654             K053140             K053141             K053142              K053144             K053145
P502114             P502115             P502116             P502117             P502118              E504655             E504657             E504690             E506312              E506759             K053146             K053147             K053148              K054051             K054079
P502131             P502132             P502133             P502134             P502135              E510281             EAF5000             EAF5001             EAF5002              EAF5003             K054080             K054081             K054082              K054085             K060035
P502136             P502137             P502138             P502142             P502143              EAF5004             EAF5007             EAF5008             EAF5009              EAF5013             K060051             K060160             K060189              K060190             K070003
P502146             P502149             P502151             P502155             P502157              EAF5014             EAF5015             EAF5016             EAF5019              EAF5024             K070004             K070006             K070007              K070008             K070009
P502158             P502161             P502163             P502166             P502167              EAF5025             EAF5026             EAF5027             EAF5028              EAF5029             K070010             K070012             K070013              K070014             K070016
P502169             P502170             P502172             P502177             P502178              EAF5030             EAF5034             EAF5035             EAF5038              EAF5039             K070018             K070019             K070020              K070021             K070022
P502179             P502180             P502183             P502184             P502185              EAF5040             EAF5041             EAF5042             EAF5043              EAF5044             K070024             K070025             K070026              K070027             K070028
P502186             P502187             P502188             P502189             P502190              EAF5046             EAF5047             EAF5048             EAF5049              EAF5053             K070029             K070030             K070031              K070032             K070033
P502191             P502192             P502193             P502194             P502196              EAF5055             EAF5056             EAF5057             EAF5060              EAF5061             K070034             K070035             K070036              K070037             K070038
P502200             P502201             P502202             P502203             P502205              EAF5065             EAF5066             EAF5067             EAF5069              EAF5073             K070039             K070040             K070041              K070042             K070043
P502206             P502207             P502210             P502211             P502214              EAF5074             EAF5092             EAF5095             EAF5096              EAF5097             K070044             K070045             K070046              K070047             K070048
P502215             P502221             P502222             P502223             P502224              EAF5098             EAF5099             EAF5100             EAF5101              EAF5102             K070049             K070050             K070051              K070052             K070054
P502225             P502226             P502227             P502228             P502229              EAF5104             EAF5105             EAF5106             EAF5107              EAF5108             K070055             K070056             K070057              K070058             K070059
P502230             P502233             P502244             P502245             P502269              EAF5109             EAF5110             EAF5114             EAF5116              EAF5135             K070060             K070061             K070062              K070063             K070064
P502270             P502276             P502277             P502278             P502279              EAF5141             EAF5142             EAF5147             EAF5148              EAF5149             K070066             K070067             K070068              K070069             K070070
P502280             P502292             P502304             P502306             P502307              EAF5150             EAF5151             EAF5152             EAF5153              EAF5187             K070071             K070072             K070073              K070074             K070075
P502308             P502309             P502310             P502311             P502312              EAF5188             EAF5189             EAF5194             ECF4081              ECF4085             K070076             K070077             K070078              K070079             K070080
P502313             P502314             P502315             P502316             P502317              ECF4086             ECF4088             ECF4089             EFF0047              EFF0047S            K070081             K070082             K070083              K070084             K070085
P502318             P502319             P502329             P502334             P502335              EFF7917              EFF9092              EFF9092S            EFF9202              EFF9440              K070086             K070087             K070088              K070089             K070090
P502336             P502338             P502339             P502340             P502341              EFF9441              ELF2500              ELF2501              ELF2502              ELF2504              K070091             K070092             K070093              K070094             K070095
P502342             P502343             P502344             P502347             P502348              ELF3998              ELF3998S            ELF7300              ELF7300S              ELF7345              K070096             K070097             K070098              K070099             K070100
P502349             P502352             P502353             P502355             P502356              ELF7349              ELF7367              ELF7405              ELF7405S              ELF7483              K070101             K070102             K070103              K070104             K070105
P502357             P502358             P502359             P502360             P502361              ELF7483S            ELF7616              ELF7670              ELF7670S              ELF7680              K070106             K070107             K070108              K070109             K070110
P502362             P502363             P502364             P502365             P502367              ELF7739              ELF7739S            ELF7777              ELF7900              ELF7947              K070111             K070112             K070114              K070115             K070117
P502368             P502369             P502370             P502371             P502373              ELF7947S            EPG058688        EPG058689        G042501              G042503             K070118             K070120             K070121              K070123             K070124
P502374             P502376             P502377             P502378             P502380              G042523             G042529             G042544             G042545              G042546             K070125             K070127             K070129              K070130             K070131

We supply Donaldson Fuel Filters / Air Filters / Oil Filters / Hydraulic Filters to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)
JOHOR Johor Bahru Kluang Kota Tinggi Mersing Muar Pontian Segamat Kulaijaya Ledang Batu Pahat KEDAH Baling Bandar Baharu Kota Setar Kuala Muda Kubang Pasu Kulim Pulau Langkawi Padang Terap Pendang Pokok Sena Sik Yan KELANTAN Bachok Gua Musang Jeli Kota Bahru Kuala Krai Machang Pasir Mas Pasir Puteh Tanah Merah Tumpat MALACCA Alor Gajah Melaka Tengah Malacca Jasin Batu Berendam Bertam NEGERI SEMBILAN Jelebu Jempol Kuala Pilah Port Dickson Rembau Seremban Tampin Lukut PAHANG Bentong Bera Cameron Highlands Jerantut Kuantan Lipis Maran Pekan Raub Rompin Temerloh PENANG North-East Penang Island South-West Penang North Seberang Perai Central Seberang Perai South Seberang Perai PERAK Batang Padang Hilir Perak Hulu Perak Kerian  Kinta Kuala Kangsar Larut, Matang Selama Manjung Perak Tengah Kampar Perlis SELANGOR Gombak Hulu Langat Hulu Selangor Klang Shah Alam Puchong Kuala Langat Kajang Rawang Kuala Selangor Petaling Jaya Sabak Bernam Sepang TERENGGANU Besut Dungun Hulu Terengganu Kemaman Kuala Terengganu Maran  Setiu  uala Nerus Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR Bukit Bintang Bandar Tun Razak Cheras Setiawangsa Kepong Lembah Pantai Batu Seputeh Segambut Titiwangsa Wangsa Maju PUTRAJAYA SABAH Beaufort Keningau Kuala Penyu Nabawa Sipitang Tambunan Tenom Kota Marudu Kudat Pitas Beluran Kinabatangan Sandakan Tongod Kunak Lahad Datu Semporna Tawau Kota Belud Kota Kinabalu Papar Penampang Putatan Ranau Tuaran SARAWAK Betong Saratok Bintulu Tatau Belaga Kapit Song Bau Kuching Lundu Lawas Limbang Marudi Miri Dalat Daro Matu Mukah Asajaya Samarahan Simunjan Julau Meradong Sarikei Pakan Siburan Tebedu Kanowit Sibu Selangau Lubok Antu Sri Aman Federal Territory LABUAN

Donaldson P550391 Fuel Filter

Donaldson fuel filter P553004

Donaldson Filter P553202

Fuel Filter P553004

Donaldson Filter P551010


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